Caracas Roof was born as a response to the need of spaces that give opportunities of recreation in our city. We are the best option when it comes to organizing events; we offer high quality services and ensure the best entertainment to our clients in a safe and comfortable environment.

We give the perfect balance between the capital of Venezuela and the calm that a private and intimate environment gives; no doubt that Caracas ROOF is an oasis in Caracas. Caracas Roof is the best alternative for your event, due to the combination of the concept of the Fashion Mall of Caracas, spacious facilities, and the most beautiful view of the city.



It is a splendid terrace located in the 4th floor of Tolón FASHION MALL.

The Tolón Fashion Mall is in the forefront of trends and is located in the core of a prestigious zone of the city of Caracas (las Mercedes.) Also, it is constantly evolving and stays faithful to its branding; thus, it incorporates to its brand a new concept for the best events that take place in Caracas.

Occupancy of 500 people
An entrance hall of 28 m2 with wooden details, floating floors and tempered glass walls
It has a total area of 560 m2; distributed in three sectors clearly differentiated
Inner rectangular-shape covered area (canvas roof) of 81 m2
More privacy, fresh air and open sky are going to be enjoyed in our facilities
Area with no roof of 349 m2 has walls covered with vertical gardens; combining  freshness and life projected by nature
The set-up combines principles of landscaping and modern architecture

Comfortable and safe parking lot

Our clients



Private Clients

Private companies, commercial allies and legal persons that wish to host their events in an environment of comfort and security.


Event Producers

Companies (with a vast knowledge of the sector) dedicated to plan high level events




Quality Service

We focus on providing high quality services of event planning and event producing. We offer personalized attention to our client to surpass the expectations for the event.


Since we are located within tolón FASHION MALL, we have a specialized security system that operates 24 hours; with high performance cameras that are distributed in all floors of the shopping center.

Parking Lot & Valet Parking

Caracas Roof offers parking, which could be previously booked for your guests; the valet parking option is available.

Event Planner


We stand out for the quality of our service; we train our staff to deliver the best customer service. Such quality is reflected in the support we offer with the following services: catering, security, valet parking, DJing, musical background, canopies, platforms, décor, furniture, among others.

Our staff holds a vast experience in this bussiness; we manage to balance the desires of our clients with the proposed budget for the event.

Why Caracas Roof?


You will receive an answer about your enquiry within 2 working days
We are located in one of the safest areas of Caracas
We ensure quality and an excellent service
We offer exclusive advisory services for your event
We put a tremendous effort to choose the best suppliers in the industry and negotiate with them to get the best prices and packages for your event
Your event will take place in the only High End space of our city; which combines fashion and trends

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