Meeting point of the most outstanding venezuelan designers.

For all those women who want to add a touch of glamour to their beach closet, Caffé offers the most exclusive, elegant and original swimwear. The exquisite combination of accesories and lycras of the best quality make Caffé Swimwear the best option for the beach days.

Michelle Couture Fashion Group, a venezuelan design boutique.

Tous is a jewelry, complements and fashion spanish brand.

Jewelery of master Alexis de Sierra.

Spanish brand specialized in ballet shoes, proposes a vast product range in different models and colors.

French brand, specializing both in women’s and men’s swimwear.

No Pise La Grama, venezuelan leading design brand with great projection in the regional market thanks to it’s values comprising dedication, quality and innovation.

ANDREA GÓMEZ, a brand distinguished by it’s innovation and versatility. Seeks positioning in the women’s fashion market thanks to it’s design, originality, variety, quality and exclusivity; bringing satisfaction and comfort to all of it’s clients.

Collections that charm, seduce, deepen and amplify a relationship with a very special and elegant audience, that finds in the accesories of the artist the glamour and essential touch for the best occasions.

Durant & Diego has become one of the most recognized fashion brands thanks to it’s elegant designs that reafirm feminity and show the importance of combining a good cut with the right handling of fabrics.

The language of Adolfo Domínguez is present in Piso 5, where you’ll find the most beautiful collections both for women and men, including shoes and leather goods lines.

Venezuelan design gallery, combining the best of national creators, devoted to making collection for children 0-6 years old.